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Reasons to Choose Acoustic Hearing

We have been fortunate to have an outstanding practice. Our patients have evaluated our services for over 60 years of service in the Houston area dispensing hearing aids. We have original customer records dating back to 1948 for hearing aid sales and now some of their younger relatives come to us. We have asked our patient what makes them come to us and most of them have favored us with their evaluations. Please see our testimonials section for responses. Among these, some have on occasion tried other companies because of pricing, need for quality customer service assistance, responding to an ad in the newspaper or internet ads with mixed results. They return to our office remembering us for our fine customer service, when our patients have a problem we are available immediately, by accepting walk ins for hearing aid repair and having our phone lines connected after hours to an answering service 24/7 for best results. We are prompt returning calls so our patients don’t mind when they have to leave a message if the line is busy after hours. We always return our patients calls to ensure satisfaction and correct follow ups.

Dr. D. Enrique Sanchez has been an Audiologist for over 21 years. He is the third owner of the AHC (Acoustic Hearing Center) Dr. Sanchez’s bedside manners and attention to detail during the initial evaluation gives patients total information about their hearing status. Recommendations are made based on the complete diagnostic evaluation giving patients full access to a wide range of rehabilitative options. If a recommendation is made for hearing aids, a fitting appointment is made for the best possible fitting. Dr. Sanchez has contracts with most hearing aid companies working in the US giving every patient his best recommendation based on what the patient needs, NOT in what the company sells. His attention to detail and dedication does all this in one call, reaching the best solution for the hearing loss and the lack of communication. A dependable Audiologist for over 20 years in Houston, his attention to detail makes things happen in an effective and accurate way.

There is no substitute for people who like what they do and who strive for customer satisfaction for its own sake. I am happy to introduce our Hearing Aids Technicians, Armando Parada and Jose Cortez. Armando has been with our company for over 16 years and he is a master hearing aid specialist. Mr. Cortez is in charge of patient relations and record management but he is also a complete hearing aid technician who can identify hearing aids problems on the spot. I always given both of them my greatest recommendation.