Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Sanchez and The Acoustic Hearing Center for several years and I have been absolutely delighted with the improvement of my ability to hear. Dr. Sánchez and his staff are a first class team of audiology professionals. Their collective knowledge and attention to detail are only surpassed by their sincere sense of caring for their patients. I strongly recommend Dr. Sánchez and his staff for anyone who needs assistance with their hearing, both examinations and follow up care.

R Leibert, 2016 Colonel, US Army (retired)

I was referred to Dr. Sanchez 3 years ago and am very satisfied. The doctor’s personal touch and professional expertise, as well as that of his staff, took me from being a somewhat in denial about having a hearing problem to being a happy man with a solution and all in the first session. His audio exam was more thorough than any I have ever had and he hall all the solutions I have ever heard of, ready to apply to my situation. I can’t overstate how impressed I was to come in skeptical that I had a problem or solution and leave confident that I had a solution. The good news did not stop there. Since first getting hearing devices, I have returned regularly for coaching in how to use to the next level of proficiency and to have a check-up on my aids. So far there has never been a charge and I expected that all along and would happily pay it for all the assistance they give me each time. I am very comfortable recommending the Doctor and his staff to anyone who either knows they don’t hear well or has a loved one encouraging them to get an exam!

A. S. Esposito

Dr. Sanchez has fitted me with CROS hearing aids twice (in 2009 and 2016). I have no hearing on the left side and a moderate hearing loss on the right. After having gone to three hearing specialists without satisfactory results, Dr. Sanchez was able to fit me. I can now clearly hear and understand everything (movies, TV, family, etc.) without having to look for preferential seating, and I know that I could not have received better care anywhere else. My deepest thanks and appreciation!

Traute Moye

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sanchez for over 20 years.  When I moved to Houston I needed help repairing my hearing aids.  I worried the staff would get them fixed.  They did an excellent job and they lasted for me over 8 years.  When it came time for new hearing aids, Dr. Sanchez and his staff did an outstanding job of finding the right aides for me and the computer adjustment of them has been wonderful.  From the first time as I left the office and listened to the music on the radio, the words of the songs were clean and I understood them for the very first time!  I trust Dr. Sanchez and his staff feel they have taken my hearing care to a level than higher than anyone else in the Houston area.  To say I am a happy, loyal patient is an understatement!”

C & B Shaw, Georgetown, TX

“Based on ten plus years of service and having bought several pairs of hearing aids through Acoustic Hearing Center, I can honestly give Dr. Sanchez and his team my highest recommendation.  Hearing aids need periodic cleaning and repair.  Dr. Sanchez’ team does all this on site, and often while you wait.  And when they do have to send it back to the factory for repair it is treated like a priority.  I have on occasion tried other places because they were closer or because they were in-network with my insurance, only to find they were not on-the-ball and they often figure you will be happy to have your hearing aids back whenever they get them to you, even if that is two weeks.  People who depend on their hearing aids know this is unacceptable.  That’s just the service part.  Getting the right hearing aid and not being treated like a business opportunity is the other.  I have been very happy with the hearing aids I’ve bought, and I not only feel like I got the right ones for my lifestyle and budget, but that Dr. Sanchez had the expertise and took the time to fine tune them optimally for me.  There is no substitute for people who like what they do and who strive for customer satisfaction for its own sake.”

James R, Houston, TX

“Dr. Sanchez and his team have cared for my hearing needs for more than 25 years. I have a severe hearing loss as well as a moisture problem. He and his team always come in my rescue and provide the help I needed.”

A.H. Sinclair, Houston, TX

“Purchasing the right hearing aid can be a very frustrating experience. Most hearing aid distributors are staffed with sales associates that have little training, which caused me confusion and frustration. My frustration ended when I went to Dr. Sanchez of the Acoustic Hearing Center. His entire staff was professional and courteous. Dr. Sanchez is the most knowledgeable hearing specialist I have met in the greater Houston Area.”

Don Premel, Houston, TX

“The acoustic hearing center is the most trusted place in Houston for my hearing needs. I have a long Term hearing loss and have been wearing hearing aids since childhood. I have visited other dispensaries and Dr. Sanchez has provided the best solutions and constant service. He and his staff are always ready to service and keep my hearing working for the best.”

David.P, Houston, TX

“I have been a patient of Dr. Enrique Sanchez for over 20 years. And my husband now has been a patient for 6 years. Dr Sanchez is always giving us the same great level of care. Whenever we have an appointment he always makes time for questions. He checks both of our ears and our hearing aids. He makes sure we are comfortable and hearing well before we leave. Dr. Sanchez is honest and compassionate. Every one of his staff know us well, are friendly and helpful.  We cannot speak too highly of him and his office staff.”

Mavis and Homer D. Houston, TX

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sanchez and the Acoustic Hearing Center for many years. I have found him to be very devoted to his profession and patients. He is very thorough in his care and answering any questions I may have.”

Charlotte Pfiffner, Houston, TX

“Dr. Sanchez’s recommendation for “Completely In the Canal” hearing aid has made a dramatic difference in my life. It has been a life changer for me, as I can understand people I work with; and being in sales, communication is so very essential. I can even travel by plane without removing my hearing aids. It is whole new world.”

D. Parrish, Houston, TX

“I have been wearing hearing aids for 30+ years. Meneries (a genetic disease) is common in my family. Dr Sanchez and Jose Cortez provided excellent support when I was fitted last Spring. After a comprehensive exam and hearing tests, Dr Sanchez programmed my Phonak Nadia 90s perfectly, first time. I was so impressed with their service, I shared the information with my family, he has now fitted my brother and my 86 year old father with new aids. These aids are phenomenal! Perfectly tuned. I can enjoy the music of my youth again! Thank You.”

D. Ken Springs, TX