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Hearing Aid Accessories

While we can provide maintenance and repair services to your hearing aid(s), we also have accessories to keep your hearing instrument operating in top condition. Maintaining the condition of your hearing aids as well as having appropriate accessories is just as important as getting them in the first place. 

  • Cleaning tools (cleaning brush, multitools, hearing aid cases)
  • Hearing aid dehumidifiers or Dry & Store Units
  • Hearing aid care for ear hygiene and hearing instrument cleaning
  • Batteries
  • Assistive Devices

Battery Sales

We keep a supply of batteries for you to purchase in our office. Stop in routinely for fresh batteries. Make sure to check the batteries in your hearing devices often and make sure there is no dirt, wax or debris interfering with the batteries performance. Batteries that are properly charged will make a noise (a squeal) when cupped in your hand or after it has been inserted in your ear.

Common battery sizes for hearing aids:

  • Size 10 (yellow*)
  • Size 312 (brown*)
  • Size 13 (orange*)
  • Size 675 (blue*)

Assistive Devices

When hearing aids are not enough or not appropriate, we offer devices for the TV, telephone, FM classroom amplification, body aids, and sound alert devices.

Custom Earmolds

Our office is equipped with tools that allow us to create custom earmolds that suit your ears and needs. Using safe impression material, our audiologist will take a quick impression of your ear. With that, we can construct a custom made, in-the-ear device that has fits the needs of your specific function. The most common uses are for either amplifying sounds or protecting against it. We can create custom earmolds for industrial workers, musicians, hunters, swimmers. Moreover, we can create earmolds suited for listening devices, hands free cell phones and in-the-ear monitor molds.

Musicians have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. They need to protect their hearing, but they also need to be able to hear their own music clearly, as well as hear other musicians’ music and voices while performing.

Conventional store-bought ear plugs are great at providing hearing protection. However, they often provide too much protection for musicians, muffling speech and sound in the process. They make music and voices very unclear and unnatural to listen to. While conventional hearing protection can reduce very high frequencies, this amount of hearing protection is typically not needed for musicians.

Most musicians do not need maximum protection. What they need is mid- to low-frequency protection. This can be accomplished through ear plugs that are specifically designed for musicians.