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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

Hearing Tests

To ensure that we fully understand your lifestyle and your needs, we conduct complete diagnostic hearing evaluations that includes extensive related history. After addressing your concerns and medical history, we can determine your hearing capabilities with a thorough assessment of your hearing.

Our audiological consultations, analyses and treatments are highly individualized for your needs. Our audiologist, at the Acoustic Hearing Center, will determine which tests need to be administered depending on your specific situation. Tests includes pure-tone testing, bone-conduction testing, and speech tests allowing us to determine the degree of hearing loss, the type of hearing loss and the conditions of your ear canal and middle ear. If medical attention is needed, the audiologist will refer you to a physician.  

Along with the hearing tests, we will review the results with you to answer your questions, to provide you information as needed and to begin a treatment plan, if indicated. Audiologists are specialists in hearing and hearing rehabilitation. We are here to service you.

Video Otoscopy

During a hearing evaluation, we can provide you with a direct visualization of your ears. Utilizing a video otoscope allows us to better understand your ear’s condition by transmitting an image onto a screen. Impacted cerumen and other abnormalities in the external and middle ear can be detected using this technology.